Euro Mediterranean Arts

EURO-MEDITERRANEAN ARTS, no-profit cultural association directed since 2000 by Raffaella Morra, acts within the Culture, essential tool to understand and expand the changes of experiences and the backgrounds of the observers, through an open process of spreading of Arts in all its different medias. E-M ARTS prefers the direct interaction with the public in order to stimulate an authentic dialogue and to avoid the museum-container’s logics. The aim is to involve the cultural and creative sectors of the EU Countries and those of the Mediterranean Basin, thus that Naples, from always place of great creativity, assumes the role of culture’s City, crossroads and ideal connection between Western Europe and North Africa, in the context of the current needs of economic, social and cultural development.

E-M ARTS collaborates with the Fondazione Morra to promote and organize the research, the development and the diffusion of the twentieth and twenty-first century Culture.