Perspectives on Portraits and Place: The films of Adele Friedman

Perspectives on Portraits and Place:
The films of Adele Friedman

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 19:30
Museo Hermann Nitsch (vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d - 80135 Napoli)

"For more than three decades, Chicago filmmaker Adele Friedman has been forging and refining an original vision with her silent portraits in which wide-angle cinematography and obsessive panning spread out the spaces of apartments and gardens, creating a sensuous panorama of the ordinary."
Fred Camper

Chromaflex – experimental colour workshop

The Chromaflex workshop explores a new photo-chemical technique which allows selectively controlled negative and positive colour and black and white images on the same strip of film. What is more, the technique allows these selection decisions to be made in full light. This technique can generate areas of colour negative, areas of colour positive, areas of black and white, as well as areas of clear or black all on the one strip of film or indeed within the one frame.

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Over the last decade we have witnessed an incredible resurgence of interest in experimental cinema. A new generation of artists has emerged. Museums, cinematheques and festivals now have programmes and retrospectives of past and contemporary experimental films, and film and video installations are now part of the art gallery experience.

1. Dis-visual perceptions

Today in Italy, events dedicated entirely to experimental cinema are rare. Over the last few years some festivals have integrated sections where experimental films and videos as well as time based art pieces are programmed, but the opportunity to have a whole festival devoted to the exploration of past and present-day practices in experimental cinema is quite unique.

“…A truly creative work of art creates a new reality and itself constitutes an experience, in contrast to the merely descriptive effort which produces an existent reality or adventure. This distinction is particularly relevant to cinema, for the physical similarity between the lens and the eye has led to the use of the camera largely as a recording instrument. But in a human being it is the creative intelligence behind the eye which confers meaning upon that which the eye registers.

The Independent Film Show is devoted to the exhibition of experimental film. In a way, it is not surprising that this film festival is organized by an art gallery, as experimental film has certainly as much to do, or far more to do, with the plastic arts than it does with cinema, as conceived in its most classic and commonly accepted sense. It is film considered as an art form, and films considered as works of art. All throughout its history, experimental cinema has had many different abodes.

I can believe in anything, as long as it is incredible.
Oscar Wilde

The 3rd edition of the Naples Independent Film Show is one of the most interesting events in this field. For it's audience, filmmakers, curators and organisers. I do not intend this to be a competitive statement, (as there are many other extremely wonderful shows) - I simply want to underline the uniqueness and the beauty of this annual event.

The amount of attention paid to the moving images has actually increased over the past ten years, if that seems possible. This may be due to increased artistic production and the run of newly-created archives and databases. These latter are often ambiguous affairs, adding little to a clear understanding of the work or its historical and artistic context.

An experimental film does not regard cinema from its usages, but from its powers. It endeavours to evoke, to reveal and to renew them; but at the same time it contradicts, blocks and renders them limitless[1].