Darkloupe is a nightmare-like stream of complex layered images, which is mixed with live camera footage of a mysterious object made from aluminum and lenses. Darkloupe starts in/with the dark. The basic optical ingredients are lenses and flashes of light. The live images are created with a deconstructed film-projector, a kind of ‘magic lantern’ made of separate lenses, lamps, slides and masks. The images are filmed on site and simultaneously projected. The projected images look abstract initially, but gradually the viewer recognizes the objects that were used to create the images and that’s intended. The revelation that you can evoke a magic world with profane means is an essential point to Doing. It causes a sensation that leads to amazement and admiration. For Darkloupe the artists follow a scenario with a rough order, but plenty of room for improvisation. Both sound and image are produced live without any pre-recorded material. The performance Darkloupe is recreated every time using the specifics of the performance space: spatial dimensions, acoustic qualities, projection surface and light conditions. Projection and sound amplification become subject matter rather than just being technical necessity. The performance space becomes an instrument played upon with light and sound waves.

Sunday, 11 November, 2012 - 22:00