Pensiero Cinematico, an expanded idea of cinema and the curious effects of overlaying or interposing experiences of visual, acoustic and physical movement (kynèma). Films in 16mm, films in super 8 and films which can't be seen, electro-acoustic elaborations, sounds, images and acts in silent accompaniment.
Pensiero Cinematico began their "movements" in Rome in 2003 with a different line-up to their current one, but this unique feature makes the group more interesting. On each of their frequent apparitions and participations, they are an interaction of different people.
Artisans of sound and vision, manipulators of film, they weave stories whch emerge far away from the revisited present, read with sight, touch, smell and uncommon gestures. "These are considerations of a magmatic nature, and as such need time to find a determined form which may allow them to exist and act...nothing of this is defined, up until today, except for the idea, or rather the perception of a movement in progress and its probable structure..."
The audience at the Cinema Pasquino in Rome still excitedly recall the meeting between Tekfestival and Pensiero Cinematico in May 2004, the preparation of the space, then the destructuring of it, the sonic evolution, the potentiometers in action, the atmosphere and the originality of the visions that came forth.

In Naples, Pensiero Cinematico will be :
Marco Ieie 16mm and super 8 films.
Francesco Carlenzi super 8 films.
Gabriele Serini super 8 films.
Marcello Liberato small objects, voice and real time transformations.
Aldo De Sanctis kalimba, nose flute and voice.

Possibilities left for chance, by chance
And yet they return, sometimes breaking
Breaths suspended between bubbles of time
These lights passed, softened by streets,
A time that speaks of greyness and deep
Spectral orange, which expands
In the rare paths followed backwards
Returning for breath, and paying
Homage to another indefinite collapse.

Betraying breath while waiting
Entering by force, wearing words
Never filled with so much unease
Taking everything indecisively, paying
Homage to another indefinite collapse.

Massimo Vattani
Tekfestival - At the edges of the western world

Concerto Cine(aro)matico 16mm, color, original sound, +/- 10 min.

A performance to introduce the experience of Cucinema ("culinary cinema"), followed by a 16mm film produced during the collective event which took place on July 30th 2005 at the Tinello, Genoano, Rome.
The film was collectively produced by the Tinello group and the public who took part on the day. The film was partially printed and partially painted. Fixed to a large work table to form a sort of spiral, marks were made on the work table between the metric and temporal correspondences of the film, making it much easier for the audience to create and move within the fim.
The sound made today is the product of the audio-video recordings of Francesco Meneghini. These were taken by a tripod-mounted videocamera fixed to the work table which filmed one second of every thirty. Thus four hours of work are compressed into six minutes, the equivalent of the length of the film. Starting from this material, real time adjustments will be made during the projection of the film, creating a slip in the space-time dimension with electro-acoustic improvisations.

Transumanze multi-projection with 1 16mm projector and 2 super 8 projectors, +/- 20 min.

The evening continues with multi-projections from three projectors, one 16mm and two super 8, a cycle of projections of 20 minutes with three films which crossover and overlay each other. The title of this sequence is Transumanze ("Transhumance") and includes films worked on by Marco Ieie, Francesco Carlenzi and Gabriele Serini.
During the showing of both Transumanze and the films of Marco Ieie, six speakers will be installed around the perimeter of the listening space, equally distanced from each other. The work will begin with a slow, light layering of the sound environment during the projection of the films, picked up with open microphones and treated with a multi-channel system of live electronics.

A projection of four films by Marco Ieie, each soundtracked with live improvised electro-acoustic music by Aldo and Marcello.
Linee 2002, 16mm direct engraving on film, b/w, 7 min.
Intarsi luminosi / mappe dei tesori nascosti 2003, 16mm mixed technique, color, 10 min.
Numeri amici 2004, 16mm mixed technique, color, 5 min.
Apsu 2003, 16mm paint on film, color, 14 min.

During the course of the projections, there will be spontaneous readings from fragments of texts by PensieroCinematico, il Tinello, il Cucinema, CurvaChiusa and others.

Friday, 18 November, 2005 - 21:00