Thursday 21st June 2007 - Entrance of the San Martino Vineyard, 7 pm.

Piana ‘ngopp’ ‘e ciente 8.00 pm.
Lithany for Carmelo Bene
reading of a poem by Emilio Villa, accompanied by music
voice Domenico Mennillo
singing Antonella Maisto
vibraphone and percussion Pasquale Benincasa

Piana del Priore 8.30 pm.
The Diastole of Sense
Towards a Neoplatonic phenomenology of subtle conscience
A philosophical meditation in the form of event
curated by Andrea Cardillo
speech Andrea Cardillo
music for flute Armando Del Mastro
visuals’ projection Gianni Miles

Piana della Catalanesca 10.30 pm.
Electro-acoustic musical performance
curated by Raffaella Morra and Emanuele Carcano

Goran Vejvoda Meta Accumulation Indeterminacy
Claudia Huidobro Roomore
Samon Takahashi Grid + No Title
Giuseppe Ielasi
Nicola Ratti
with Dean Roberts

Lithany for Carmelo Bene is a reading with music for voice, song and vibraphone, derived from the eponymous poem by Emilio Villa, written at the beginning of the seventies as a homage to his friend Carmelo Bene, the infamous enfant terrible of postwar Italian theatre. The poem, written in Villa’s celebrated plurilinguism, is an oracular itinerary concerning the mysterious (im)possibility of the voice/word incarnated in the “Narcissistic” miracle of the voice of Carmelo Bene. Arising from this, the sound-tracked reading becomes a mere sonic testimony of Villa’s lithany, creating a unique flow of sound from the voice of Domenico Mennillo, the song of Antonella Maisto and the vibraphone and percussion of Pasquale Benincasa playing Marco di Palo’s music.

The nature of time should be conceived as a distension of the life of the soul
which develops in uniform changes, similar and proceeding in silence,
following a continuous impulse.
Plotinus, Enneads III 7, 12

Imagine the life of an enormous tree which lives within its life,
while its principle remains unmoving,
not dispersing itelf throughout the tree,
given that it resides in the roots.
Plotinus, Enneads III 8, 10

The diastole of Sense is a philosophical meditation which takes the form of an event. The languages of the image, of sound and of the philosophical word enter into a dialogue and question each other across the narrow border between the sayable and the unsayable. Moving from echoes of Plotinus (on the relationship between the life of the soul and the nature of time), the lived experience of the art event is interpellated in order to investigate the paradox of Sense and its silent pulsation.

Meta Accumulation Indeterminacy A one hour sound moment, where one can drift in and out at his own convenience, a kind of software based event where one updates him or herself, where one loses bits but wins others, leaves and comes back and leaves again. The presentation will feature sound architectures combing multiple sources, that the artist refers to as accumulations, which will be mashed and reconsidered in a vast process of construction/reconstruction, on the other hand certain segments will be predefined. In the background a video painting piece will question the audience on various topics, such as colour, poetry, politics, hybridation, vinyl, swimming pools, gelati, meaninglessness, disappearance & hiding, fashion, hörspeil (hear-pinpoint), classification, bruitisme, space, short wave radio, klangfarbenmelodie (tone quality melody), emotions... - Sound is the new image -
Goran Vejvoda

Claudia Huidobro will experiment for the first time a solo performance: Roomore playing with her voice, sounds reverberation and images.

Grid + No Title, so here are the two pieces that I would perform: it starts with Grids that plays alone as a 4 speakers sound installation. At a certain moment I start playing the no title piece over it. Then, the no title piece is alone for a while until the test records frequencies climax goes to an end with the flutes harmonics. A short reappearance of the Grids sounds marks the end of the performance.
1) Grids [generative randomized interlaced double stereo]: Composition for 4 CD players, 132 monaural sounds and 24 silences. - 48 electronic sounds, 32 Kayagum sounds, 28 digital data sounds and 24 jazz drumkit sounds (∞ : for moderato version / 13 min. 20 sec.: for fortissimo version) courtesy Galerie ColletPark. 2) No Title [for recorder and test records]
Samon Takahashi

Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti have been acclaimed by the avant garde of the new generation of Italian musicians. Using diverse methods they explore the limits of electro-acoustic music, freely moving between improvisation and composition, solo, as a duo, or collaborating with musicians such as Phill Niblock, Thomas Ankersmit, Oren Ambarchi and Brandon LaBelle. They make extensive use of field recordings, prepared instruments processed electronically, prerecorded sounds which are recombined in real time, all in search of a balance between abstract tones and melodic structures. Their participation in Neoplatonic June will be a site-specific performance: using microphones and multi-channel speaker systems they will explore the relation between sound and the peculiar qualities of the San Martino Vineyard. For this special occasion Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti will play with Dean Roberts, the young composer from New Zealand.

Vigna San Martino Napoli
Thursday, 21 June, 2007 - 19:00