Independent Film Show 2013


27 - 28 - 29 june 2013
Museo Nitsch
vico Lungo Pontecorvo 29/d Napoli

Premio les frères Lumière della European Academy of Arts

Inal Sherip

The Keyboard and the Co-op selezionati da Guy Sherwin

Love Story 2
Malcolm Le Grice
Wojciech Bruszewski
Da Capo: variations on a train with Anna
Guy Sherwin
Piano film
Annabel Nicolson
Guy Sherwin
Jenny Okun
Guy Sherwin
Barbara Meter
Stationary Music
Jayne Parker

Light, Colour, Action! selezionati da Lynn Loo

Hand Grenade
Gill Eatherley
Island Fuse
Arthur & Corinne Cantrills
Colour Separation
Chris Welsby
Still Life
Jenny Okun
Christian Lebrat
Voiliers et Coquelicots
Rose Lowder
Bouquets 26-27
Rose Lowder
Autumn Fog
Lynn Loo
Deep Red
Esther Urlus

Live Cinema program di Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo

Musical stairs
Guy Sherwin
Guy Sherwin
Vowels & Consonants
Guy Sherwin, Lynn Loo
End Rolls
Lynn Loo

Chute, Gravité, Cosmos! selezionati da Emmanuel Lefrant

Dog Star Man: Part II
Stan Brakhage
Poemfield #5:Free Fall
Stan Vanderbeek
Terminal City
Chris Gallagher
Remains To Be Seen
Phil Solomon
All Over
Emmanuel Lefrant
Cosmos Spiritus / Nûr Version 1
Olivier Fouchard
On the Logic of Dubious Historical Accounts 1969-1972
Alexander Stewart, Peter Miller
Solar Sight
Larry Jordan

Juke Film Boxe di Gaëlle Rouard

La Grande Ruine 2
Gaëlle Rouard
4 Minutes d'hélicoptère
Gaëlle Rouard
Paf Le Chien
Gaëlle Rouard
Gaëlle Rouard
La Grande Ruine 3
Gaëlle Rouard
Gaëlle Rouard
Gaëlle Rouard